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For T-SHIRTS, please visit my SPREADSHIRT shop.

For prints, posters and original art, please browse the shop below!  Every poster sold helps me to continue my writing and art, and hopefully will help raise awareness in the process!
If you would like to purchase multiple posters at discounted prices, please scroll down to the PayPal buttons below.  

Please use these buttons to purchase multiple posters of the same design.  This is perfect for groups who wish to place a larger order to save on postage costs.  Save on the price per poster, share postage costs, save the planet, watch your carbon footprint AND share the love!  All prices include shipping!
If you wish to purchase a mixture of multiple posters or more than 4, please contact me using my contact form.

A3 Feminine Energy Cycle Poster

A4 Feminine Energy Cycle Poster

A4 Menstrual Chart Poster options

**Please note - the PayPal buttons use a different shopping cart to the plug in shop above.  Please make selections from one or the other.  If you have any problems, please contact me**

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